Rider Training Sessions

These two skills-development sessions are invaluable for honing your group/bunch riding skills. Doing these sessions is highly desirable if you are to lead TCC new rider groups, and are essential if you are thinking of starting racing. The Surrey League does not allow riders to race as Category 4 racers unless they have done two race training sessions. We have managed to make these two sessions count as the necessary race training sessions and so the sessions are open to non-TCC members as well.

The Rider Training Sessions will take place at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, 11-12 Springfield Rd, Hayes UB4 0LP

The dates and times of the sessions are:

Saturday 24th March 2024 13.00-17.00

Saturday 4th May 2024 13.00-17.00

These two skills and development sessions offer a valuable opportunity for you to brush up your existing skills and learn how to do them under pressure to ensure you remain a safe and rounded rider. The saying ‘every day is a school day’ is true to most areas of our lives and there is always something new that you can learn from these sessions.

Riders can expect to cover around 80km-100km during the session, some of which will be high intensity, so a great workout and more structured than just going for a ride!

Both sessions will be led by Mark Adams, a very experienced British Cycling Coach who has worked with riders of all abilities from identifying talent in schools and clubs to leading training sessions with international squads and working with the British teams across road, time trial and track disciplines.

If you are thinking of trying road racing this year these sessions are a must because the curriculum covers all the essential elements you need to obtain your Surrey League Accreditation. This Accreditation is mandatory for 4th Cat Riders who wish to race in Surrey League events. Riders must attend two sessions in total with approved providers to obtain your Surrey League Accreditation and we are pleased to confirm these sessions are both accreditation sessions.