Majorca Training Camp

Each year, a group of TCC members goes to Majorca for Legro’s Training Camp. Known these days as Legro’s Cycling Experience, the camp is really well-organised and has various groups of different paces. The camp also offers post-ride massage and use of a spa.

The camp is ideal for all types of rider, whether you are looking to put in a week of very hard riding, maybe just build some base miles, or even just enjoy a ride every day with plenty to eat and drink and (hopefully) a bit of sunshine.

The dates of the 2024 camp are 12th-26th October which is really two back-to-back one-week camps with riders generally doing one of those weeks, travelling and arriving on the Saturday of each week.

If you are a TCC member and interested in going to the 2024 Majorca Training Camp, please contact Gavin Mitchell who is co-ordinating the TCC group booking.