About us

Twickenham Cycling Club is an inclusive, welcoming, friendly, and well-established club – we’ve been going since 1893. We are also a physical club, rather than just an internet entity, with a club room from where our rides begin and (naturally) where we gather for tea, cake, chat and laughter after Tuesday training rides. We do, of course, embrace digital technology and the club uses Whatsapp, Google groups and various social media to keep members informed.

The club’s prime objective has always been to promote interest in and participation in cycle sport at all levels, but it’s also perfect if you just love riding your bike. Many of our most competitive racing members joined with just a passion for riding.

Road riding is the favourite of most members although sportives are also popular, with a large contingent taking part in the most challenging events in the UK and abroad. Time-trialling, track riding, and cyclocross also feature heavily in some of our members’ programmes with riders competing in time trials, track events, and cyclocross leagues at National, Regional, and Local levels.

We are keen to help new riders interested in having a go at racing in any of these cycling disciplines. We are equally keen to encourage people who just like riding out on the club rides.

The club has long held a strong Women’s section and welcomes boys and girls for our Youth (from age 13) and Junior (16-18) sections. There are weekly, coached Youth and Junior-specific training sessions and also cluster sessions with other clubs at various times throughout the year. 

The club organises a sportive and a number of race events throughout the year (see Events page), and these present our members with the opportunity to volunteer (see below). 

Each year in the Spring (usually April or May) a number of members go to Majorca to a training camp. This is a really well-organised affair and is as attractive to those who want to bury themselves for a week to kick-start their racing season as it is to those who want a nice bike ride every day and some good food and sunshine.


Twickenham Cycling Club host a series of races at Herne Hill Velodrome, South London.
Dave Peck Memorial
TCC 125 Track meeting.

Volunteering a little of your time once in a while is an integral part of being a member. This is the case in most cycling clubs and it’s what keeps cycle sport going at every level. The volunteer jobs at races are many: from marshalling, judging, and managing timing-chips to the more mundane like putting up signs, and making tea and sandwiches.

Apart from feeling like you’ve given something back there are other benefits to volunteering: 

  • The club offers a discounted subscription rate to members who accrue a certain amount of volunteering throughout the year.
  • Volunteering at the TCC-hosted events has sometimes been the catalyst leading members to train to be British Cycling ride-leaders, coaches, and commissaires. 

Other volunteering opportunities include:

  • leading new riders’ groups – this is done on a rota basis – and 
  • Tuesday clubroom duty – also done on a rota basis.
  • The events listed below.

A summary of events at which TCC members can get involved by volunteering:

  • Hillingdon Rider-development sessions (March/April)
  • The Surrey Rumble sportive (March)
  • The Dave Peck Memorial Women’s Road Race (April)
  • Strictly Cycling Youth Community Sessions (Thursdays May-July)
  • The WLC 25-mile TT (May)
  • The Open Track Meeting at Herne Hill Velodrome (June)
  • The TCC Club Hill Climb (Oct/Nov)
  • The TCC Cyclocross Meeting (November)