InterClub 25m TT

The 2024 edition of the InterClub 25m Time Trial is on Sunday (date t.b.a) May 2024

The InterClub 25 is a well-established event and one in which the club has been well-represented in recent years. It’s a 25-mile time trial competed for by three clubs: Twickenham CC, Hounslow and District Wheelers, and the Westerley CC, and run on the HCC/001 Drift Road course (near Windsor).

It’s what time triallists call a ‘sporting’ course meaning it’s rolling (rather than a straight out-and-back on a flat dual carriageway) so you won’t be setting any national 25 records, but it’s a handicap event so there’s every chance you can do well.

If you’re an old hand at time trialling, you’ll need to know your previous best time for a 25-mile TT for handicapping purposes. If not, don’t worry, this event has a nice, informal feel to it and so makes a really good first TT.

This is a volunteering opportunity for TCC members not racing.

The hosting of this event is done on a rota basis among the three competing clubs but, even when TCC are not hosting, the hosts are grateful for volunteers.