Club Chairman Dave Peck, born in 1957, passed away as a result of injuries suffered from a fall whilst on the London-to-Paris ride in 2011. His death shocked the cycling community and saw messages of sympathy flooding in from saddened cycling fans across the country.

Dave Peck was an avid supporter of road racing and particularly in setting up this event as part of running a ladies road race for the National Womens Team Series (now known as the British Womens Team Cup). He was the driver of the Lead Car when Organiser Lisa West ran her first 3 annual races as part of the Team Series calendar. At his funeral, his brother Andy asked us to do something positive for cycling and that is when Lisa decided to continue running the race in Dave’s memory. 

Dave had been a member of TCC for many years and in 2008 became Club Chairman. He wasn’t particularly keen at first, thinking that he wouldn’t be very good at the job, but happily he was persuaded to take it on and he proved to be a great Chairman. He provided encouragement and support for all members, new and old, expert and not so experienced, racing and sporting, and knew everyone in the Club by name. Dave was always thinking of new ideas for the Club to grow and nurture its members and his laughter and camarardarie are still very much missed.