Headlines - 14/09/2009

Surrey League 4-up TTT- Loxwood - 12/08/09

Congratulations to the Twickenham Ladies 'A' squad of Alex Tyrer, Tina Reid, Ann Marshall, & Holly Seear, who collected the prize for 1st Ladies Team at the Surrey League/Clarencourt CC TTT on Saturday in a time of 1:37:42. Our 'B' team comprising of Lisa West, Wiesa Kuczaj, Zoe Yendell, & Jo Foster recorded a 1:47:12.

Thanks to Ann Marshall for writing a great report.

Well Done Girls

Surrey League - Rusper - 13/08/09

3rd Cats Race

Your reporter - alongside Denis Bidinost - rode down to Rusper on Sunday to support the Club's riders, and arrived just in time to behold the glorious sight of Mark Spindler in full flight at the head of the field, with Matt Myers and Will McFarland both well postioned at the start of the last lap.

There was no sight of Dave Peck in the bunch, and when Tea beckoned, we bumped straight into ex-TCC member Bill Butterworth who explained that Dave had been involved in a racing incident, and had been taken Redhill Hospital for a check-up. This of course dampened our spirits quite substantially. I spoke to Dave on Sunday evening, and barring a few bruised ribs, and a bang on the head, he was in good spirits.

Matt (24th), Will (31st) , & Mark (35th) all came home towards the tail end of the field.

2/3 Cats Race

Steve Home raced in the afternoon 2/3 Cat race. Here is his synopsis of the action:-

"It was a very small field; nineteen starters, about a quarter of which were Norwood Paragon so they completely controlled the race. Trying to get away was futile unless you happened to take a Paragon with you. In the end that is what happened. Angus McAllister (Nor. Par.) attacked and the Sigma rider went with him. I looked on instead of jumping with them. The rest of the field finished in dribs and drabs with a minor bunch sprint after attacks in the final couple of miles. I think I was given 9th place."

Steve has been given 8th place in the official results

Phil Hines' Gap Year Tour

Phil Hines & his Cousin are embarking on an ambitious fully-laden cycle touring holiday. Updates on their progress will appear as and when available....... Good Luck Guys.

Sept 9 2009

Hi, our trip so far.
After an early start we made it down to Dover by rail, across to Calais, and along to Boulogne-sur-Mer against a nice introductory headwind.  We cycled from there to Abbeville via Montreuil-sur-Mer. Then we caught the train to Paris and spent three nights exhaustively wandering around being trying to be good tourists.

Today, we spend the whole day attempting to get to Bordeaux, but should be there tonight. The bikes have barely had a chance to settle in yet, although judging by the lack of complaints, so far so good.  My Brooks saddle is getting nice and comfy.

We both managed to skimp a bit of weight and sent it home, 4kgs to be precise, mostly from my cousin, I might add. Money is getting tight though. Spent Euros 80 on dinner tonight and my bank is slow at sending money through. We worked out we have spent around Euros 400 each so far!

Sept 10 2009

Good evening. Yesterday became entirely dedicated to reaching Bordeaux, which we achieved, just, despite various hurdles including an almost successful attempt to steal Hugh's pannier by a rowdy group of drugged-up French youths on the train.

We arrived at midnight, tired and frustrated, but generally in good spirits, like true Brits. This morning we set out from Bordeaux along the Dordogne River having had a good breakfast. We had a great 80 cent lunch made possible by abusing the supply of complementary jams and butter from breakfast, added to a cheap baguette.

However, such a dry meal, and high heat soon resulted in a critical water situation. Luckily, Bordeaux being the region that it is,and us traveling the time we are, our surroundings were able to supply us with, quite literally, more juicy grapes than you could shake a stick at.

We are currently in our hotel room, in a town on the river, deciding our itinerary tomorrow, given our budgeting constraints, and looking forward to a good nights sleep. Night.

(A BIG thanks to Briand Beausoleil for the updates - ed.)

And Finally.......

Tickets for our Annual Awards Extravagana, being held on Saturday 28th November at Imber Court and featuring Rollapaluzza, are now available from Ann Cater.

In addition to Natalie Creswick's report on the LEJOG Challenge, and Denise Quinlan's write-up on her involvement in the Princes Trust Wild Weekend, a full account of Kevin, Mark, George, & Des's Club Run to Paris has been lovingly crafted, and is available for purchase viewing in the reports section.

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