Prince Trust Wild Weekend - Exmoor - 04-06/09/2009

Report from Denise Quinlan:-

The Prince' s Trust set the difficulty of their challenges to make sure any fundraisers linked to them really have work for the donations received, they worked us hard and there was plenty of blood, sweat and tears along the way………

46 Teams entered with 240 individuals taking part, each team covered a minimum of 100 miles coast to coast from North Somerset to South Devon by foot, kayak and  and mountain bike . Conditions underfoot were treacherous in places and we faced 1:15 gradients more often than any of us would have liked.

The  2 Oracle teams - Team Alpha1 - Steve Wyper, Dave Tweddle, Michelle Ewens and John Paul Ross and Team Beta9 - Phil Croxford, Alan Heron, Denise Quinlan and Brent Guiblan. Each team ignored “the enemy” for 3 days and we had great fun battling it out across the 8 individual challenges.

The level of fitness and mental agility required to stay competitive was quite astonishing, I’m glad none of our teams were left, like many were, wandering/cycling through the darkness hunting for the overnight campsite and their dinner!!

Our performance and results were outstanding;
- Congratulations to Phil, Denise, Alan and Brent for their 5th place finish. (Their biking on days 2 and 3 brought them charging through the ranks after starting second day in 23rd place)
- 10th place finish for Steve Wyper, Dave, Michelle and JP (Excellent team effort with very few mistakes allowed us to steadily climb through the ranks and beat teams who looked a lot fitter on the starting line)

- So far £238,000 raised for the Princes Trust across all teams - £10,480 raised by the Oraformers

The Highlights
- Beating the voices, the blisters, and all the aches and pains with a very big stick
- The evening Frog Song Chorus of snores and other unique noises.
- Watch out for us on 2010 Britain ’s Got Talent.
- The amazing organisation of the event - Hot showers, good food
- Pretty good weather

The Lowlights
- Team B beating Team A :o) - ( Steve Wyper's comment)
- The big blisters, won't go into detail, it'll put you off your lunch! (my comment!)

The difference YOUR money and our efforts made is immeasurable, it really hit home when a 20 yr old recovering drug addict, who slept rough from 14, stood up and spoke to 240 people, his speech was humbling yet inspiring, he gave a MASSIVE thank you to all those that sponsored and participated, and thanked the Trust again for helping him through his hardships.

It costs £10 for a child to get a shower and a wash at a Princes Trust hostel, this tiny difference is what kept him sane and gave him the self confidence to face up to his own personal challenges.

Just £10 helps the Prince's Trust give advice and guidance to 5 young people over their helpline.

Thanks again, anyone with half a thought of signing up for next year, go for it!!

If you didn’t get the chance to sponsor me or any of the team please go to and contribute what you can.

What is the Cap Gemini Wild UK Challenge?

A 3 day physical and mental challenge on which we will hike, bike and kayak 100 miles across breathtaking stretches of Somerset and Devon , racing against other teams and the Clock while raising money for The Princes Trust.

What are we in for?

Day 1
Stage 1 - Team Hill Race (13 Miles) - that's walking and running for 3 hours
Stage 2 - Navigation Hike (14 Miles) - 5 hours!!

Day 2
Stage 1 - Kayak Orienteering (9 Miles)
Stage 2 - Trek Orienteering Challenge (10 Miles)
Stage 3 - Mountain Bike Orienteering Challenge (29 Miles)

Day 3
Stage 1 – Mountain Bike Challenge (26 Miles)
Stage 2 – Short Sea Swim

Why are we participating?

The Wild UK Challenge is a team race and a personal challenge; however it is also a chance to raise some money for charity. The Prince’s Trust. is the UK 's leading youth charity helping to change young lives. They give practical, financial and emotional support to help disadvantaged young people develop skills and confidence they need to get their lives working The Challenge is in now in its third year, 270 participants have successfully completed the Challenge to date, enabling the Trust to help 397 young people to turn their lives around.

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