Granfondo Pinarello - Treviso - 19/07/09

A report from Denise Quinlan:-

Ahead of all the amazing results from this weekend, I thought I’d give a little update on the TCC sportive overseas event of the year, the Gran Fondo Pinarello held on 19th July 2009.

We had 13 TCC’ers in Casule sur Sile, a little hamlet, near Treviso a very beautiful town just North of Venice, which is home to Mr and Mrs Beneton and also Mr Pinarello.

We lucked out totally with the weather. Yes, it was hot - 25 degrees C, at 6.30am and in the 30’s for most of the day. However, there were no clouds to be seen, so the mountain tops were in full view from the
low lying areas and once we were at the top of them there distant mountains, the views were spectacular - for those of us who had enough time to take them in ;-)!

We had 10 TCC punters signed up for the 120 mile long course which included 3km of altitude gain; a category 1 climb - Nevagal (10k ascent with 12% average gradients) and the San Boldo pass – at 800
metres, a really phenomenal climb with 18 hairpins. The last 4/5 hairpins at the top of pass have been blasted out of the rockface. It was built in 100 days, by Russian Prisoners of War, to escape the advancing Italians in 1918. Take a look at this for some drama.
We had 3 TCC’ers for the Medio route – 77 miles with 1.2950 km of altitude gain.
Lisa – who has dedicated some time out to some serious pre-Pinarello training - Tina and myself were honoured and in good company in the elite starting grid for the long course, along with Mr Eddy Merckx and the professionals which made for a very exciting start!

The first 25k on the flat was at TT 30 mph plus speeds and a phenomenal experience as the body of the biggest peleton possible, was advancing with great exhilaration towards the mountains.

Out of the vast numbers of people starting there were 1233 finishers on the long course and 1781 on the Medium course.

As you can see from the results, there were some fantastic times from the TCC’ers with Ray first in and twelfth in his category (if I understand the system correctly), and Stewart in a very credible second, closely followed by our international jet set travelling chairman, Dave.

Jason, who’s also been putting in some serious local training, employed a no-stopping strategy and made sure he was over the line before his friend and rival, Johnnie B. Warren was 34th in his category while Mac, determined to get the long route under his belt this year was 43rd in his cat.

Lisa put in a stunning PB performance on the long course, coming a fabulous 23rd in her category and the 45th woman across the line.

Zoe put in a very strong time on the ‘medio’ course. Gail was very pleased, returning from serious injury, to finish in a good time too.

Now, last, but by no means least, were myself and Tina, who succesfully completed the long route. After the San Boldo climb, we decided that we’d make it more challenging for ourselves by making sure there were no official signs to follow. We, of course, also wanted to fully appreciate the stunning views, and the odd charming lakeside café. So with the glorious smooth-surfaced roads to ourselves, after 9 hours 47’ 50 seconds of riding time, we were greeted with the biggest warm welcome party possible.

Seriously, most of our stopping time was spent convincing very friendly local Italian organisers that we really were OK and didn’t need a lift!

Well done to Tina, who completed her first ever century ride, in great style. Probably one of the toughest 100 miler +  rides, you could have chosen!

Well done to everyone - a great ride, a fantastic long weekend. And importantly, no injuries, not even a puncture :-)!

I’ve loaded some pics onto the folders section of Team TCC. (Sadly, a camera is too heavy to carry on the ride.)

Long course 120 miles
Pos    Pettorale    Cognome    Nome    Categoria    Tempo
192    669    ROBINSONRAY    VE2    06:29:46.86
329    1371    WARD    STEWART    SEN    06:45:22.86
486    1506    PECK    DAVID    VE2    06:54:02.34
716    647    HARRIS    JASON    VE1    07:28:06.40
945    687    BRENT    JOHNATHON    M1    07:54:14.40
1145    1342    WATSON    WARREN    SG    08:41:32.59
1213    76    WEST    LISA    D2    09:23:59.54
1223    696    MACNAMEEGRAHAMSG    09:31:10.90

Medium course 77 miles
625    2850    BIDINOST    DENIS    VE1    04:23:04.53
886    4171    YENDELL    ZOE    D1    04:39:57.52
1458    4172    BIRKETT    GAIL    D2    05:27:37.03

Results File added to folder section, in case the formatting doesn't work.

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