Coach Mac's Calshot Track Training Session - 08/03/2009

Lisa West's round-up of the day:-
Well I just love taking new riders to the Track and seeing everyone coming off beaming ear to ear.

Another fantastic session ably run by Coach Mac and Barbara saw 15 riders, 12 of whom had not ridden Track before, take to the Boards for their first time.

We were divided into 3 groups initially with the more experienced riders getting a good warm-up on the Track whilst the newbies were split into 2 groups to gain their confidence by riding the fixed wheel bikes in the Track Center.

Then one by one, they were coerced up onto the Track and were soon whooping for joy riding round the banking. They were then taught how to change to take turns on the front and then Scherrit led them on a 'lumps and bumps' exercise to give them more confidence of riding up and down the Track.

More cries of joy were sounded when we re-organised into 2 groups with the newbies being paced by the more experienced group where 'taking a lap' was instigated where they got their first taste of black line riding and the g-forces of trying to keep their line somewhere near it - it was very interesting!

All riders were given a chance to improve this by undertaking a 'Flying Lap' which involves being on the Track on your own and being timed for one lap.

Lisa smirked as she has been practising all winter at Graham Mitchell's sessions and demonstrated how riding the black line means you go less far thus get a faster time but she realises it won't take the newbies long to get this skill!

First prize went to Nigel Atkins who rode the longest lap and scared us all by hitting the top of the Track with an almighty bang but he didn't seem to notice and still came off smiling.

All in all a very enjoyable day and everyone is looking forward to the next session which is Saturday 4th April, 13:00 - 17:00. There are still places available so if you want to attend book (and pay) for your place with Lisa - Cost is £10.00 for the session, £12.00 if you want a lift on the minibus and £6.30 for the bike hire.

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