Headlines - 03/05/2011

Bedford 2 Day International Stage Racing - 01/05/11-02/05/11

Stage 1 TTT

10th. Twickenham CC at 2 minutes 6 seconds

Stage 2 Keysoe Road Race

20th. Corrine Hall
52nd. Stephanie May
58th. Tina Reid
67th. Kate Balchin
78th. Jo Foster
81st. Wiesia Kuczaj

GC after Day 1

33rd. Corrine Hall @ 2.14
48th. Stephanie May @ 11.44
54th> Tina Reid
66th. Kate Balchin @ 23.11
78th. Jo Foster @ 37.08
80th. Wiesia Kuczaj @ 38.22 

Stage 3 ITT

9th. Corrine Hall 9.50
44th. Tina Reid 10.36 
49th. Stephanie May 10.43
51st. Wiesia Kuczaj 10.48
73rd. Kate Balchin 11.20
79th. Jo Foster 12.16

Stage 4 Millbrook Circuit Race

22nd. Corrine Hall
60th. Tina Reid
65th. Kate Balchin
72nd. Jo Foster

Team GC

14th. Twickenham CC

Final GC

20th. Corrine Hall @ 3.27
52nd. Tina Reid @ 34:58
67th. Kate Balchin @ 1.00.49
71st. Jo Foster @ 1.20.12

RC Omega Circuits - Portsmouth - 30/04/11

12th. Alex Pantelides

Cycle Kingdom Circuits 3 - Eelmore - 27/04/11

Declan Higgins broke away on the first lap with Jared Spier from La Fuga to record his best ever result to date. Declan and his break away companion opened up a gap of half a lap from a 60 strong field. With a lap to go Jared slipped away leaving Declan in second place.

Weldone Declan

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