Headlines - 21/03/2011

Peter Young Memorial Road Race - Chobham/Chertsey - 20/03/11

Stephen Campbell continued his good form to finish the 87 mile National B road race. The race was dominated by the professional Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta Team and Stephen Campbell was very noticeable in the bunch chasing hard to try and bring the breaks back.

Omega Circuits - Thruxton - 20/03/11


35th. Natalie Creswick


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West London Combine 25 - CC113 - 20/03/11

Duncan Schwier 1.06.46
Mark Veldmeijer 1.04.13
Mike Miach 1.07.03
John Warnock 59.57
Sol Findley/Jo Foster (2 up) 1.11.59
Simon Bever/Annabel Hagon (Tandem) 59.56

Upavon Winter Series - Ludgershall - 19/03/11


11th. Stephen Campbell

Beyond Spring Crits - Hillingdon - 19/03/11

In his first ever race Alex Toghill picked up Twickenham's 3rd victory of the season.

Dave Peck Summarizes:

"I'm delighted to tell you that the Twickenham CC have scored our 3rd victory of the year with victory in the 4th Cat race at Hillingdon today for Alex Toghill."

"It's always great to see TCC riders doing well, it's especially good to see them win, and it is completely fantastic to see them win the first race they ever take part in. So the ecstasy among the hordes of TCC supporters today was overflowing. Alex has been riding with us for a while, but only picked up his first Club jersey on Tuesday evening in preparation for today's race. He's always seemed to be a strong rider with the potential to do well in races, but Matt Dykiert and I were totally unprepared for today's result, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't get my phone videoing the finish in time."

"It almost didn't happen. It had seemed quite a fast race, but quite shortly after it started, Alex arrived back at the changing room with a puncture, looking a little hot and short of breath. He was prepared to call it a day there and then, but as you're allowed a lap out for punctures at Hillingdon, Matt and I persuaded him to get his money's worth, swap his wheel for Matt's and jump back into the race. So he did, and a little late, I thought, as they came past at speed, and we wondered if he'd be able to regain contact. But next time we saw them, he was there, and we ambled up to watch the finish."

"To this unpracticed eye, it looked like a pretty serious race, and everybody looked pretty business-like, and the pace was high. Average speed afterwards was said to be around 24.2 mph, so not hanging around. People had little digs and stuff, but at the bell it had all come together for the bunch sprint. I looked for Alex, and he seemed to be in the last quarter of the field, not normally a good place to be if you want to win a race, but as they passed the old judge's hut at the top of the circuit, I could see he'd moved up to the front half. I tried to get my phone on video, but I was fumbling about and decided I'd rather watch the finish than mess about with the camera."

"So the whole field rounded the last corner and came hammering up the finish straight, and we tried to see who was in the front, and blow me down, it was Alex! He said he'd arrived on the front 20 yards before the finish (I bet it was more like 100!) and was waiting for everybody to come swarming past him as he approached the line but had hung on till the end and nobody had been able to come by."

"Matt and I were beside ourselves. WHAT a result, and what a finish! What luck that we'd been there to witness it! And WHAT a way to start racing!"

"Well done, Alex, great ride! Now, how to match that next time? Not that there's any pressure, of course."

"Well done too to Duncan Schwier, also racing for the first time in the same race and finishing in the top 20, and to Clem Halpin, who we think was in the top 10. Tom Bell and Iain Palmer were pretty noticeable and active in the later 234s race, along with James Leach and Adrian Goatley, who rides with us on Tuesday nights."

"So, from novice racer to 3rd Cat in under an hour! Outstanding!"

"Go Twickenham!"


1st. Alex Toghill
10th. Clem Halpin
18th. Duncan Schwier


4th. Matt Myers
34th. Tom Bell
63th. Ian Palmer

Surrey League - Goodwood - 13/03/11


6th. Stephen Campbell
11th. Oliver Newlan
14th. Matt Myers


18th. Declan Higgins

Upavon Winter Series - Ludgershall - 12/03/11


6th. Stephen Campbell

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