Headlines - 03/01/2011

Happy New Year All

Rollapaluza Winter League R2 - Imbibe Bar - 21/12/10

Some business to tie up from 2010 Natalie Creswick ended an incredible year with a win in the second round of the Rollapaluza Winter League. Natalie qualified in 3rd place then improved her times as she progressed through the competition to post the fastest time of the day in the final of 24.46. Natalie's partner John Coolahan had a similar night riding faster as the night went along to win the Men's race.

Weldone Natalie and John

Imperial Winter Series - Hillingdon - 01/01/11

After an attacking race Oliver Newlan rolled over the line in 28th. 

Saturday Ride Roads

A couple of minor modifications to the Saturday Ride, for the convenience and delectation of Club members:

1. After Windlesham, when we turn into the lanes, where members have often commented on the road surface badly affected by pot-holes and missing tarmac, a long section of this road, Hook Mill Lane, has been completely resurfaced and is now as smooth as a skater's bottom. This is a great improvement on the previous arrangement.

2. The Flying School Office at Fairoaks, behind the removable partition to the left as you walk into the café, has been moved elsewhere, and the Hangar Café has taken over that space and more than doubled in size. This is also a great improvement, and the use of the sofas and the TV will no doubt also go down well with Club members, and also with members of the general public who hopefully won't be quite so overwhelmed by the mass of often-soggy cyclists taking up so much space.

Three members and a hanger-on were disappointed to find the café closed for the New Year's Day Saturday Ride. It seems inconceivable that Club members might be suffering from the effects of any excesses of the night before, so it must be presumed that members not so disappointed must be saving themselves for long and arduous rides on Sunday and Monday.

And Finally.......

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