Headlines - 13/09/2010

Surrey League TTT Championship - Kirdford - (62 miles) - 11/09/2010

Darren Paice's summary :-
For those of you who do not know the story already, George Kirkin hatched a plan to enter a team in the Surrey League 4-up time trial about 9 weeks ago. Foregoing the traditional Tuesday night and Saturday rides, George, Mark Veldmeijer, Matt Dykiert and I of set about training for the event and learning how to ride as a unit. On hearing our plans, Mac oined in to offer coaching assistance and with B spent many hours pursuing us through the roads in and around Chertsey. The culmination of all this effort was the race yesterday.

Supported by Mac, Claire Veldmeijer and Ben Lowe; we arrived at race HQ to find that the course had been changed due to road works. So rather than following the 35 miles Alfold Crossways/Kirdford course, the route had been changed to 3 laps of the Kirdford road race course, reducing the overall distance to 30 miles. 16 teams had entered and we were third to start. Overall our race went to plan. We worked well as a team and felt confident in our abilities. The weather turned against us with torrential rain and with a face full of spray it was impossible to see past the team mate in front but we still progressed as efficiently as possible. We encountered tractors and horses on the course that caused moments of delay but I expect every team had similar issues to deal with. With just 3 miles to the finish, Matt suffered a spectacular puncture whilst on a fast decent and he was lucky to stay upright. George, Mark and I push on and with every possible effort reached and the finish in a time of 1.13:45 (it is possible that I've got the seconds wrong but it was in this region.)

Overall we managed to finish 11th. The winning time was just over the hour at 1 hour 2 mins.

More than anything and on behalf of the team, I would like to thank Mac and B for taking the time to coach us; to Ben for driving Mac for our training session last Tuesday and around the course yesterday; to Claire for supporting us and taking the photos (which I hope we can soon share) and to everyone else who sent us good luck messages. Oh and to Dave P for being our reserve rider.

I'm sure we'll be back again next year.


Pos TEAMS Riders Name Finish Time
1 London Dynamo Gordon Kenneway (3) 01:02:37
Martin Williamson (2)
James Stratton (3)
Richard Mason (E)
2 Norwood Paragon CC "A" Marcus Brueton (2) 01:03:49
James Stuart (2)
Angus MacAlister (1)
Simon Coles (3)
3 London Dynamo   Stuart Spies 01:04:06
Will Hayter
Guy Pendrill
Roy McGregor
4 Dulwich Paragon Kevin Knox (1) 01:05:02
Andy Waterman (2)
Andy Hudson (2)
Julian Bray (2)
5 Kingston Wheelers Phil Ember 01:07:17
Damien Breen
Luke Wallis
Harry Springhall
6 Brigton Mitre Martyn Potter 01:10:14
Howard Wright
Craig Pitt
Nathan Dye
7 Norwood Paragon CC "C" Nick Foulks (3) 01:10:41
Simon Richardson (3)
Herbie Griffith (3)
Stephen Roach (3)
8 WyndyMilla Mark Ottaway (2V) 01:10:50
Ben Hallam (2)
Mathew Wakeford (3)
Cosmos Kedros (2)
9 Norwood Paragon CC "D" Mike Cownley (3) 01:12:05
Duncan Murdoch (4V)
Austyn Tusler (3)
Justin Gott (4)
10 Brighton Excelsior Nicholas Jepson (3) 01:13:07
James Stone (4V)
Chris Hodge (4)
Ben Miller (3)
11 Twickenham CC George Kirkin (4) 01:13:45
Darren Paice (3V)
Mateusz Dykiert (4)
Mark Veldmeijer (4V)
12 Redhill CC Rupert Burbidge (3) 01:14:53
Jonathan Bradbourne (4)
Ian Leeding (3V)
Charles Jordan (4)
13 Crawley Wheelers Nigel Langridge (3V) 01:16:10
Rupert Robinson (3)
George Thomas (3)
David Jones (4)
14 Redhill CC "B" Gavin Garett (3V) 01:17:40
Allan Hopkins (3V)
Gianluigi Moroni (3V)
James Trigg (4)
15 Norwood Paragon CC "B" Paul McGuigan (3) 01:22:53
Daniel Sullivan (3)
Robert Enslin (2)
Jonathon Masters (3V)
16 Clarencourt CC Wendy Casterton (W) 01:25:18
Caroline Harrison (W)
Emma Potter (W)
Geraldine Glowinski (W)

Surrey League / VC Meudon - Cutmill - (57 miles) - 12/09/2010

Mark Spindler took a nice 12th place at Cutmill on Sunday

John Wilson's L2P - 02-06/09/2010

Well Done to John Wilson for completing the London to Paris "Poppy Ride" in aid of the Royal British Legion, covering 273 miles in 4 days. John's efforts have raised almost £1200 so far. If you would like to contribute, click here.

And Finally.......

Stefan Zurakowski will be giving massages most Tuesday nights through 'til Xmas.
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