Headlines - 17/05/2010

British Junior RR Championships - Brecon - 16/05/10

Twickenham CC were represented at the National Junior RR Champs by Matt Myers & Alex Pantelides.

1. Daniel McLay, Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / Scott / GSi
2. Owain Doull, Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / Scott / GSi
3. Chris Nicholson, Team Isle of Man
47. Matthew Myers, Twickenham CC
62. Alex Palentides, Twickenham CC

Well Done Guys

Hillingdon Women's Grand Prix  - Hillingdon - 16/05/10

1 Danielle King Horizon Fitness
2 Becky James Motorpoint/Marhsals S/T
3 Janet Birkmyre Orbea/ForGoodnessShakes

Natalie Creswick finished safely in the pack after an incident-packed race that was stopped for 20 mins to clear the track of human debris. Upon resumption, a total of 7 Primes were squeezed into the remaining 18 laps, ensuring that no breaks were successful........

Hillingdon Grand Prix Support Race - Hillingdon - 16/05/10

Fresh from his elevation to 3rd Cat status, Ollie Newlan took a fine 5th place on Sunday, with George Kirkin finishing in the pack. Discretion forsook valour for Gavin Mitchell, who decided that with 3 laps remaining, he (alongside his bike) wanted to stay in one piece, so he gracefully retreated from the battlefield.

1 Jacob Ragan Sport City Velo
2 Noritz Jabke PM S/T
3 Jacey Reder PM
4 Dominic Gabellini Rapha Condor
5 Oliver Newlan Twickenham CC

Rapha Condor Circuit Series 1 - Hog Hill - 15/05/10

1 Amy Roberts Cardiff Ajax
2 Lucy Garner Leics RC
3 Melissa Burt Sport City
4 Estelle Roger Rollapaluza
5 Noami Anderson Team Zappis
6 Karen Price Dulwuch Paragon
7 Claire Leonard Brighton Mitre
Jayne Rendall-Hannan Twickenham CC

Surrey League Handicap Series 3 - Ottershaw - 13/05/10

E/1/2/3/4 - 30 miles
1 Nick Abraham Private Member
2 James Waite Pearson Cycles
3 Gary Dodd Sigma Sport RT
4 Andy Betts Sigma Sport RT
5 Luke Wallis Pearson Cycles
6 Jonathan Lewis Charlotteville CC
7 Mark Spindler Twickenham CC
16 Declan Higgins Twickenham CC

Bonus Points for 1st Junior - Declan Higgins

Nice One Chaps

Cycle Kingdom Circuit Series 5 - Eelmore - 12/05/10

Gavin & Declan both took top 10 finishes at Eelmore last Wadnesday :-
4 Gavin Mitchell Twickenham CC
10 Declan Higgins Twickenham CC

Good Stuff !!

BC West Thames Circuits - Hillingdon - 11/05/10

After only 3 weeks back in the saddle, Ollie Newlan has certainly managed to pick up where he left off after his 3 year absence, and took victory in the 4th Cats race at Hillingdon on Tuesday Evening.

1 Oliver Newlan Twickenham CC

Well Done Ollie

And Finally.......

Congratulatuions to Sandy King, who has been called up to the Great Britain U23 squad to ride the Paris-Roubaix.

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