Headlines - 08/03/2010

The Surrey Rumble

Yesterday saw Twickenham CC promote the 3rd edition of The Surrey Rumble Cyclosportive, based at Downside, nr. Cobham. The overnight frost made conditions challenging for both the 300+ start list, and this placed a great deal of pressure on the crack squad of Club volounteers, who without exception, rose to the challenge magnificently.

Our 'recce' team assessed the conditions in advance of the event, and reported back to HQ any areas of concern, and this enabled us to place marshalls at these locations to warn the competitors. This was greatly appreciated by the riders, who commented very positively upon this aspect on their return.

A choice of 2 fully signed routes (57 / 77 Miles) over undulating terrain entertained the riders, before their return to a veribale feast of Sandwiches & Cakes provided by our CATERing team, alongside the smorgasboard of bling that The Bike Whisperer & PurnaSports had brought along with them. All this after having been thoroughly entertained & Tee'd Tea'd up along the way by our checkpoint helpers at Wisborough Green & Seale.

This year not only saw The Rumble debut a hand crafted Online Entry System, but also Electronic Timing, which  helped our registration team process our customers on the day - all this was delivered by Club Members, who worked exceptionally hard to provide the services normally associated with events that command far more costly entry fee.

Some mis-haps occurred along the way, and these were dealt with efficiently - the riders feedback has once again been excellent.

Whilst all this was going on, our multi-tasking team were continuing their hard work, undoing what had been done but a mere 12 hours previously, and leaving the countryside in pristine condition - just as it was before.

A Huge THANK YOU to all that helped out
over the weekend and during the long build-up!

Surrey League / Festival RC - Alfold - 07/03/10

2/3 - 72miles - a report from Tom Bell :-
Now this race was meant to be 65 miles on the Kirdford course, but was changed to the Alfold course and extended by 7 miles on the day.

Stuart Kistruck, one of our relatively new members, Mike Miach and myself were all, I think, a little unsure as to how this race would play out.It was sunny again, but colder and windier than the day before.

I went to the front for a bit after the neutralised section to try and see whether I still had any life in my legs after the previous day. A few small attacks went off the front but were reeled in each time.

About 30 miles in, the field had shrunk massively from ~60 starters to nearer 40. At the 40 mile mark I was really starting to struggle, so thought it'd be a good time for a break away attempt! I got into a couple of small breaks that were quickly brought back.

Just after getting caught, I was dropping to the back of what remained of the bunch as we went up the 'hill', just as the bunch split! I had nothing left in the tank to get back to the main group, so ended up finishing the race (just - we were pulled out on the last lap as we were in no danger of catching the bunch again) in a 5 rider gruppetto with a lot of faces I recognised from the previous day, including one of the guys from Matt's winning break..

Definitely good training - but more sensible racing on my part may have kept me in the bunch. Ah well, live and learn!

Results http://www.surreyleague.co.uk/results/results2010/mar2010/mar7pm.htm

26      Thomas Bell      Twickenham CC
dnf      Michael Miach      Twickenham CC
dnf      Stuart Kistruck      Twickenham CC

Also, Just wanted to point out the results of Chris Tune, who I -think- has either just joined TCC or is thinking of doing so. He punctured on the Saturday, but came in 10th on the Sunday.

WLC 10 - H10/2 - Maidenhead - 07/03/10

Clayton Edge - 24.04
Stuart Stow - 28.17
Gavin Mitchell - 28.22
Tina Ried - 29.33

Well done to all.... good rides in tough conditions, especially after the turn back up the drag into the wind.

Good Ride Clayton

Surrey League - Crowford - 06/03/10

Tom Bell advises :-
Alex, Matt, Declan and I were in this one. Sunny but with a coldbreeze. Declan got in an early break but it was reeled in. Matt gotaway pretty early on in a 6 man break that was to last the whole day.

Whilst Matt was off the front, Alex, myself and a couple of theNorwood paragon guys (they also had someone in the break) either justsat on the front or tried to disrupt any chases as much as possible.

There were a few small attempts by people to get clear but it wasfairly quiet in the bunch for the majority of the race (the only'excitement' really was trying to avoid the pot holes that looked likethey'd been dug out by a JCB and were often just behind blind corners...).

With about 6 miles to go there were a few small attacks, with myselfand another guy managing to get clear of the bunch. We worked togetherto stay away and came in 7th and 8th place respectively, behind thebreak. I later learnt that Matt had come in 4th in the break - areally good achievement I think!

Results http://www.surreyleague.co.uk/results/results2010/mar2010/mar6.htm

4      Matthew Myers      Twickenham CC
7      Thomas Bell      Twickenham CC
16=      Declan Higgins      Twickenham CC
16=      Alex Pantelides      Twickenham CC

Well Done Guys

Upavon Winter Series - Round 9 - Wiltshire - 06/03/10

Stuart Stow's musings :-
Upavon must be one of the most exposed circuits I've ever ridden on, and last weeks race was certainly a testament to that with its torrential rain and general cold, foul weather. Well I am pleased to say this weekend wasnt quite as bad....in fact it was almost tropical, it must have been all of 4 degrees centigrade. 

Myself and Alastair attended this one, lining up in the 3/4 race. Approx 60 riders started and this week my chosen tactics were different. Sit in, shelter, see what happens at the end. A quick chat with Alastair revealed we both had the same aspirations. Sitting at the start looking at the bright orange windsock next to us, it was apparent there wasnt even a breath of wind, good news. 

The E123 race was set off 30 secs before us. 
We get onto the back side of the circuit and make one of the turns for home....and ....whats that weve just turned into......yes....wind... 

In the space of one lap the wind had got up and the limp orange windsock is now no longer pointing groundwards. This dictated the form of the rest of the race, short breaks would go just after the start finish line until they hit the back of the circuit when the wind would take the sting out of their legs and they would be reeled back in.

I maintained my usual poistion about 10 from the back, and looking forward I could see Alastair maintaining a 10 from the from the front position. For only his second race a strong, confident positioning.

And so the race went on, no sustained breaks but very quiet, no chatter in the bunch. Which confirmed the fact we were shifting,  the E123 race didnt catch us.

3 laps to go and its time to consider where to be for the sprint. The headwind and the climb to the finish would dictate what to do. I'd worked out it would be best to be on the right side of the bunch, slightly sheltered so as not to take too much out of the legs in the last 400m, but probably also where everyone else wanted to be as well so a dangerous game to play as I might get boxed against the grass verge.

Luckily someone started a sprint off to the left and the bunch snaked left to follow it which opened up the right side. Last 200m and time to make the most effort, but the climb and the wind were a killer. 5 of us came across the line together taking 5,6,7,8,9.... but none of us knew what we had got. 1st to 4th were literally only 4 or 5 yards ahead. 

No video cameras at Upavon, its old school pen and paper..... I get given 9th.....could have only been a fag paper in it.

Nice One Stuart

And Finally.......

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