Headlines - 21/12/2009

Orleans Park School

"Last Friday morning Olreans Park School, where we have worked this year, received the Go-Ride Schools Trophy for the winning school team in the Central Cyclo-Cross League. Quite an achievement in their first year.

We hope to see some of these lads out with us next year and then growing into great bike riders who will carry the flag for the Twickenham in the future.

Hopefully we will be back at Orleans school again in 2010 this time to work with the girls.  I know from past experience that they are a talented bunch and with a little support could also become a force to be reckoned with."

Graham MacNamee
Central Region Go-Ride Coach - British Cycling

Well Done Coach Mac

Imperial Winter Series - Hillingdon - 19/12/09

An immense effort from Doug Collins and his helpers ensured that there was racing at Hillingdon last Saturday, where most other events had been cancelled due to the snow.

Alex Pantelides moved up to the 3rds Cats race, after conquering the 4ths last week, and finished in 10th postion (after attacking the field), followed closely by Stuart Stow in 14th.

In the E/1/2/3 confrontation, Matt Myers was riding well before unfortunately acquiescing due to a deflation with 2 laps to go.

Full Results now avalable at www.imperialracingteam.com

Don't Forget - Racing continues on Saturday 26th Dec, Friday 1st Jan, AND Saturday 2nd Jan. 
More details including Race Start Times can be found here.

Well Done Doug & The Imperial RT

And Finally.......

Club Nights over the Cristmas Period :-

Tuesday 22nd December - Open as usual
Tuesday 29th December - CLOSED
Tuesday 5th January - Open as usual

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