Headlines - 27/07/2009

National 24h TT Championships - Farndon, Cheshire - 26-27/07/09


Congratulations to John Warnock for being crowned National 24h TT Champion.

Having finished in 2nd position for the past 2 years, John's  497.12 miles has also established a new Club Record.

"thanks particularly to Stuart Stow, Michael Keohane and Dave Peck who gave up their weekend and to stand on a roadside in the middle of nowhere getting cold and damp. A special mention to David Jack too who has not only supplied bits and pieces for my bike but was also on the phone within two minutes of me going through my final time control to find out how I had done despite making final preparations for the European Track Champs starting today!"

A full report from John can now be read on TCCTalk

Awesome John

Womens National Team Series - Round 6 - Naesby - 27/07/09

Our Ladies Squad were back in action this week, albeit with a depleted team, but nonetheless delivered a fine performance and secured 3rd place on the day. They currently lie in 4th position in the series.

4th - Natalie Creswick
6th - Avril Swan (guest)
27th - Ann Marshall

A report from Ann Marshall can be read here

Well Done Ladies

National Junior RR Series - Leighton Buzzard - 27/07/09

Still recovering from a pretty nasty crash 2 weeks ago, Sandy King finished in 13th place in the Bath RC Junior RR on Sunday. He currently lies in 3rd place overall in the National Series.

National Youth Circuit Champs - Hillingdon - 26/07/09

Declan Higgins competed in the National Youth Circuit Championships at Hillingdon, and come home in 42nd postion.

European Masters Track Champs - Manchester - 27/07-01/08/09

Well Done to David Jack, Rob Drinkwater, & Scherrit Knoesen, who rode in the European Master Track Championships at Manchester this week. 

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 5
750m Time Trial
3 Laps
Points Race
(20Km – 80 Laps)
(3Km – 12 Laps)
1st Ahcen Aggar
2nd Dirk Engler
3rd John Saysell
4th Timothy Lawson
5th Robert Drinkwater
6th Steve Cwiklinski
7th Fabio Alberti
8th David Jack
9th Gian Franco Muscheri
10th Alastair Taylor
11th Jesper Schack
12th Giuseppe Ravasio
13th Dario Finatti
14th Graeme Thurrell
15th Glen Jordan
200m Qualifying TT
1st Dirk Engler
2nd Ahcen Aggar
3rd Giovanni Alaia
4th Fabio Alberti
5th Jesper Schack
6th John Saysell
7th Gian Franco Muscheri 
8th Steve Cwiklinski
9th David Jack
10th Robert Drinkwater
11th Dario Finatti
12th Giuseppe Ravasio

1st Round
Heat 1
Dirk Engler
Steve Cwiklinski
Giuseppe Ravasio
Heat 2
Ahcen Aggar
Gian Franco Muscheri
Dario Finatti
Heat 3
John Saysell
Giovanni Alaia
Robert Drinkwater 
Heat 4
Fabio Alberti
Jesper Schack
David Jack

1st Round Repechage 
Heat 1
Robert  Drinkwater
Dario  Finatti
Steve  Cwiklinski
Jesper  Schack
Heat 2
David  Jack
Giovanni  Alaia
Giuseppe Ravasio
Gian Franco Muscheri

2nd Round
Heat 1
Dirk Engler
David Jack
Heat 2
Ahcen Aggar
Robert Drinkwater
Heat 3
Fabio Alberti
John Saysell

2nd Round Repechage 
Heat 1
John Saysell
Robert Drinkwater
David Jack
1st Philip Hetzel
2nd Alastair Wood
3rd Giuseppe Ravasio
4th Gian Franco Muscheri
5th Adrian Adgar
6th Giovanni Alaia
7th Anthony Nash
8th Andy James
9th Andrew Ballentyne
10th Dario Finatti
11th David Jack DNF
12th Alastair Taylor DNF
13th Neil Hamilton DNF
14th Franco Della Mura DNF
15th Robert Drinkwater DNF
Heat 1
Alan Neenan
Franco Della Mura
Heat 2
Antonio Giordano
Anthony Nash
Heat 3
Andrew Ballentyne
David Jack
Heat 4
Alastair Taylor
Paul Nabi
Heat 5
Timothy Lawson
Philip Hetzel

1st Philip Hetzel
2nd Antonio Giordano
3rd Alastair Taylor
4th Timothy Lawson
5th Anthony Nash
6th Alan Neenan
7th David Jack
8th Paul Nabi
9th Andrew Ballentyne
10th Franco Della Mura

Hounslow & District CC '10 - Chertsey - 23/07/09

Sandy King rode a 23:46.

Regional Team Sprint Champs - Reading - 20/07/09

News from the velodrome - from Gavin Mitchell.

Twickenham CC Team A won silver medal in the team sprint. The team of Tom Sutherland, James Viner and David Jack set the 2nd fastest time in qualifing and in the final against team terminator did a time of 50 seconds. The Twickenham CC Team B comprising of Kevin Butchart, Scherrit Knoesen and Gavin Mitchell did 54 second's in the heats coming 4th just missing 3rd by a second.

Well Done All

And Finally.......

Well Done to Kevin Bird for reaching Paris last weekend, riding 350 miles in 3 days - starting out only days after riding the Granfondo Pinarello!

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