Headlines - 22/06/2009

Womens Team Series - Round 4 - Stratford - 21/06/09

Another win for Natalie Creswick in the 4th round of the Women's Team Series on Sunday.

Also well done Alex for finishing 15th and to Holly for her first ever road race.

1. Natalie Creswick Twickenham CC 2hrs 12mins 1sec
2. Melissa Mather Mischief Card.com at 1 second
3. Rachel Osbourne Max Gear RT same

14. Alex Tyrer Twickenham CC
21. Holly Sear Twickenham CC
23. Wiesia Kuczaj Twickenham

Twickenham finished 3rd overall so hopefully that will have pushed us up a spot on the overall rankings.

1. Max Gear RT 360 + 16 = 376
2. Mischief Card.com 289 + 3 = 292
3. Twickenham CC 257 + 0 = 257

On a sadder note, there was a pretty nasty crash only 10k from the start. Sol was caught up in this and has unfortunately broken her collar bone. She had to spend the whole of the day in casualty until we all had finished race and could come and collect her. Wishing you a speedy recovery Sol!

A report written by John Miles can be read here.

Well Done Natalie and the rest of the Team, and Get Well Soon Sol !

Tom Simpson Junior Road Race - Doncaster - 21/06

Sandy King claimed 7th place in the latest round of the National Junior RR Series on Sunday.

Provisional calculations show Sandy still holding 2nd place overall in the series - with 2 rounds remaining -  though only 30 points cover the top 5 riders.

Provisional Result
1. Joshua Edmondson, Glendene CC
2. Tim Kennaugh, Isle of Man
3. David Nichols Glendene CC
4. Joe Perrett, Glendene CC
5. Simon Yates, Maxgear
6. Connor Dunne, Hemel Hempstead
7. Sandy King, Twickenham CC
8. Matthew Gee, BC West Midlands
9. Matt Bailey, BC West Midlands
10. Perry Bowater, BC West Midlands

A report can be read on the British Cycling website.

Keep going Sandy

London RR Champs - Leighton Buzzard - 21/06/09

Congratulations to associate member Andy Betts  - now riding for Sigma Sport - for becoming the 2009 London RR Champ.

Brighton Excelsior Circuits - Goodwood  - 21/06/09

Results from the 3rd Cats Race on Sunday:-
Gavin Mitchell - 19th
Vaughn Moseley - 56th

Spuik RR - Stratford - 21/06/09

Dave Peck contested the 3/4 race at Stratford. Results not available yet...........

BC West Thames Circuits - Hillingdon - 16/06/09

Well done to Darren Paice, who collected his 3rd Cat license after a great 3rd spot at Hillingdon on Tuesday. Wiesia Kuczaj was stuck behind one of the customary crashes that occur most Tuesdays.

Well Done also to Steve Home, who took 10th spot in the E/1/2/3 affair, with Damon Yates finishing safely in the pack.

Thanks to Darren for writing another report, which can be read here.

National & Regional Rankings - 22/06/09

Monday Evening's points totals as follows :-
National: 51st - 350 points (n.b. does not includes this w/ends tally)
Region: Central  - 5th 90 points

Central Region Individual Pursuit Champs - Reading - 16/06/09

Results from last Monday at Reading:-
1 - I. Greenstreet 5:20:26
2 - N. English
3 - S. Legg

6 - David Jack - 5:40:41
8 - Gavin Mitchell - 5:53:63

And Finally.......

Friday saw a social group of Des, Briand, Denise, Rob Bell, Tim, Warren, & Kevin Bird make an early start & ride the 117 miles down to Poole Harbour. Having faced a nagging headwind for large portions of the route, legs were stretched, tales were told, Fish & Chips were consumed, and - most importantly - BEER was drunk, before selected carriages were taken. All in all, a great day out.........

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