Headlines - 01/06/2009

Womens Team Series - Melbourne (Derbyshire) - 31/05/09

Nats splits Dani King & Emma Trott to take 2nd spot

Report from Lisa West:-
In the 3rd race of the Women's team series we mustered Natalie Creswick, Susie Scorer, Alexander Tyrer, Colette Abel, Jo Foster, Jody Conibear, Gabi Drozna, and Tina Reid to race in the beautiful rolling hills of Derbyshire.

Lap 1 of 5 of the 50 mile very rolling course set off at a blistering pace (urged on by Natalie and Alex who were at the front of the pack) and had Jo collecting first time team series racers Tina, Gabi and Colette, depositing them back into the bunch, unfortunately to her demise as she then was unable to ride on after her heart rate went off the scale.

Jody was also left suffering after visiting Russia and finding the food not to her agreement so she was forced to retire. On driving round the other way we saw Susie hanging in to a group that had splintered from the lead bunch and much to our delight, we saw Colette riding in her first ever road race, looking very comfortable in a group of 4 that were working well together. Then there was Gabi also working well in a group of 3 with Tina riding on her own down the road.

And so the order stayed for the rest of the race but there was more action to come as on lap 2 we saw Natalie and Alex drilling from the front.

But on lap 3 where was Alex? Apparently  she had made an incorrect gear selection on one of the hills and got dropped, then in her angst to get back on, she missed the turn and ended up in an Industrial Estate and she then had to find her way back to the race re-joining after Susie!

Then on lap 4, joy of joys we saw a break with a dark blue shirt with the tell tale white sleeve on the front - could it be Natalie making a break - yes it is - she's riding off the front up the hill but dragging 2 riders with her.

We waited anxiously for her to pass on the final lap where we saw the break was well established but now there were only 2 riders - oh how we shouted jumping up and down and screaming at Natalie to "go go go" but  Dani King (who rode for Twickenham last year but now riding on Nicole Cooke's Vision 1 Team) was riding right with her.

Natalie valiantly tried to shake off Dani, but Dani used her experience to pounce 10m before the line and beat Natalie by a few feet  - darn it!

Full results to follow.....

Another great performance from our Ladies Squad - Well Done Girls

Hounslow & District Wheelers '100 - H100/88 - Bentley - 31/05/09

John Warnock returned to action with a sturdy 14th spot in the Hounslow Hundred finishing in 4:11:08.

Westerley CC '25 - H25/2 - Marlow - 31/05/09

Congratulations to Dave Peck for smashing the Hour with a superb 58:12 on Sunday on the H25/2 course.
In spite of the plethora of 'Bling' TT rigs on display, Dave performed his feat on a standard road bike, 32 spoked wheels shod in Gatorskins, and devoid of pointy headwear - preferring the feel of his trusty red flame-retardant bandana sported at a jaunty angle!
Des Bennett also recorded a Season's Best by a full 5 minutes.

Dave Peck - 58:12
Des Bennett - 1:16:05

Well Done Dave !

South Eastern RC '25 - G25/53 - Broadbridge Heath - 31/05/09

Disappointment for Steve Home & Damon Yates as they had hoped for a burn-up on the A264, but alas......

"Last Minute notification of road works on the scheduled course resulted in the event being moved to a somewhat more picturesque sporting course takiing in the delights of Kingsfold, Bear Green Clemsfold and Broadbridge Heath.
The weather conditions made for a very pleasant mornings exertions for all the riders who faced the timekeeper.
The winning time recorded by Ben Instone broke his own course record by 51 secs, which had been set during an early season hard rider event."

Even with this major glitch, Steve still managed to grab in impressive 15th place.

Steve Home - 59:39
Damon Yates - 1:05:15


Trek National MTB Marathon Champs - Port Talbot - 31/05/09

Sandy King showed that not only can he perform on Road & Track, but that he is more than useful taking to the Rough too, as he took 4th spot in the 50Km Open race on Sunday.

Nice One Sandy

National Inline Skating Marathon - Hillingdon - 31/05/09

Congratulations to Sol Findley on reclaiming her UK Lady Vets Marathon Champion title on Sunday at Hillingdon.

Hounslow & District Wheelers '10 - Chertsey - 28/05/2009

Rob Archer - 26:49
Lisa West - 33:22

BC West Thames Circuits - Hillingdon - 26/05/2009

A terrific 9th place against stiff competition for Tom Sutherland in the E/1/2/3/ race on Tuesday :-

1 Colin Roshier Team Quest - The Bike Shop Over 23 1st
2 Lewis Atkins www.Agiskovinner.com Under 23 Elite
3 Andy Betts Sigma Sport, Specialized, Sportful Over 23 1st
4 Anthony Gibb Plowman Craven - Madison Professional Cycling Team Over 23 Elite
5 Thomas Smith AW Cycles.Co.uk Over 23 Elite
6 Marc Wilmot Team Quest - The Bike Shop Over 23 2nd
7 Philip Starr Python Racing Team Over 23 3rd
8 Christopher Denman Beyond Mountainbikes Over 23 3rd
9 Tom Sutherland Twickenham CC Over 23 3rd
10 James Norris High Wycombe Cycling Club Over 23 3rd

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