Headlines - 23/03/2009

West London Combine '25 - 22/03/2009

John Warnock produced a storming ride, taking victory in 57:36 on the HCC113 Amersham Road course on Sunday morning.

In deceptively windy conditions, along with customary pot-holes to negotiate, and temporary traffic lights in action, only 2 riders beat the hour, with many of the remainder cursing the Gas Board for working overtime on Sundays!

Rob Archer suffered a front tyre pinch-flat after hitting one of the afore-mentioned crevasses shortly after the turn, and spent a good while with the assistance of a passing cyclist, trying to repair it, gingerly returning back to the finish with about 60psi in the front.

Mark Spindler, having ridden the Saturday AM Club Ride followed immediately by the Spring Crits at  Hillingdon, was feeling a little jaded and produced a 1:12:50.

Charlotte Barnes (1:14:58) & Liz Norman (1:27:26), taking part in their first ever 25's - a distance considerably shorter than their respective palmaires normally accomodate - put in some good markers for the future.

Des Bennett - targetting a time of 1:20 - found the going tough on the 1st half of the course, and returned somewhat disappointed with his 1:23:43, not solely due to falling victim to the Traffic Lights in BOTH directions !

 1 John Warnock - 00:57:36
28 Mark Spindler - 01:12:50
37 Charotte Barnes (L) - 01:14:58
46 Des Bennett - 01:23:43
48 Liz Norman (L) - 01:27:26

Thanks to Gavin Mitchell for riding out and supporting us.

Road Racing Round-up

Beyond Sprint Criteriums (2 of 3) - 21/03/2009

9 Twickenham riders lined-up on the tarmac at Hillingdon on Saturday.

Lots of effort, from both experienced racers and new-comers to the sport, but unfortunately to no avail.

Stuart Stow made an enforced "disgraceful dismount" during the finishing sprint - hopefully no lasting damage was done - though he was escorted to hospital for a check-up.

21st - Josh Worrall, 25th - Tom Sutherland, 42nd - Gavin Mitchell, 48th - Mark Spindler, 57th - Vincent Leon, 62nd - Dave Peck, 74th - Stuart Stow, 76th - David Seymour, David Jack - placing not available

High Wycombe CC RR - Long Crendon - 22/03/2009

Sandy King finished 5th behind John Mozley of Plowman-Cravens in this E/1/2/3 race.

Kinston Wheelers RR - Dunsfold - 22/03/2009

Neil Bradford finished 26th in the 2/3/4/event on Sunday.

Omega Thruxton Circuits Round 2 - 22/03/2009

The Mini-bus was once again pointed in the direction of Thruxton on Sunday, with 6 TCC members (+ guests) heading off for a days racing.

Mac, Ann Marshall, Dave Peck, Dave Seymour, Tom Sutherland and Vince Leon, were joined at the circuit by David Jack, and Stuart Stow - not so fresh after his fall the previous day at Hillingdon.

3rd Cats
42nd Tom Sutherland
77th Dave Peck

4th Cats
30th Vince Leon
45th Mac
47th David Seymour

11th Ann Marshall

Click HERE for a fine report from Dave Peck.

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