Headlines - 29/12/2008

Imperial RT Winter Series - 26/12/2008 + 27/12/1008

Rounds 4 & 5  saw no drastic fluctuation in the level of entries, with some people obviously trying to shed the excesses of the previous days festivities, whilst others, I'm sure, were just desparate to show off their new 'bling' kit.

On Boxing Day, while Kauto Star was romping to his 3rd successive King George VI triumph at Kempton Park,  Josh Worrall picked up 16th place in the E/1/2/3 event at Hillingdon, with Youth rider Rory "The Rocket" Atkins collecting a substantial 10th spot in the 4th Cats.

The following day, Josh Worrall finished 21st in the "big boy's" race, and another satisfying performance from "The Rocket" helped him to a 12th place. Vince Leon, taking part in his debut, returned home in 17th place.

Josh's consistancy has now seen him move up the 7th postion in the overall series - WELL DONE !

Keep it going Lads

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