Headlines - 17/11/2008

National Rankings

With only a very few more point scoring opportunities left, Twickenham CC currently lie 65th out of 483 listed clubs in the National Rankings, which means we are in the top 15%. Regionally, we stand 13th of 35.

Well Done All

Club Hill Climb Championships
Sunday 16th November - Crimp Hill

Betts Reaches the Summit

Congratulations to Andy Betts who battled his way to top spot in this year's Club Hill Climb. Hot on his wheels was guest rider Sandy King, with the final podium place being taken by Nigel Atkins.

Josh Worral re-affirmed his Vet's title, as did Gavin Mitchell in the Junior Category and Rory "The Rocket" Atkins in the Youths, whilst the Ladies Crown was won by Natalie Creswick.

Position Name Category Time
1 Andy Betts   02:59
2 Sandy King Guest 03:08
3 Nigel Atkins   03:14
4 Steve Home   03:19
5= Josh Worral V 03:30
5= Rory Atkins Y 03:30
5= Mark Spindler   03:30
8 Neil Bradford V 03:33
9 Gavin Mitchell J 03:36
10 Matuesz Dykiert   03:37
11 Phil Hines J 03:38
12 Damon Yates   03:42
13 Natalie Creswick L 03:43
14 Marcus Atkins V 03:49
15= Jamie Atkins Guest 03:54
15= Rob Archer V 03:54
17= Johnathon Brent   04:05
17= Vincent Leon   04:05
19 Darren Paice   04:10
20 Colette Abel L 04:36
21 Briand Beausoleil V 04:51
22 Rob Spindler V 04:57
23 Lisa West L 04:58
24 Scherrit Knoesen V 05:04
25= Martha Grekos L 05:19
25= Kevin Bird V 05:19
27 Vince H-Grey V 05:50
  Nicky Drinkwater L DNS (Apols)
  Rob Drinkwater V DNS (Apols)
  Warren Watson V DNS
  Dorchie Cockerell L DNS (Apols)

Well Done to all riders, and especially the category winners.
A special thanks to Dave Peck, Mike Cater, Ann Cater, Corinne Knoesen, & Doug Collins for their help today.

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