Track Racing

Track racing is conducted on a velodrome - but the varying design of these merits an article in itself. In the UK we have a full range of track sizes, from the 143m indoor board track at Calshot, through the Olympic standard 250m tracks at Manchester and Newport, to typically 450m outdoor cement and asphalt tracks.

The bikes are different; being fixed wheel-no freewheeling is possible. The simplicity of these bikes has caught on even for street use, and fixed and single-speeders are seen all over the UK in greater numbers than since the 50’s. A proper track bike is very much cheaper than an equivalent quality road machine, mostly because the track bike has very few components, and good quality equipment from the 70s and later is still seen on some competitive bikes at league racing.

In spite of this being one of two cycling disciplines that use brakeless bikes, this remains one of the safest!

Twickenham has a good depth of track talent who regularly compete in local leagues (Reading and Welwyn), regional Championships as well as National Masters (2008 Report) and World and European Masters Championships. Indeed, 2008 has proven to be very successful campaign, with Rob Drinkwater, David Jack, & Nicki Drinkwater combining to create an impressive Medal haul, & National Bands!

You will stand a good chance of seeing our squad in action every week at the Welwyn track league on Fridays, and Reading's Palmer Park on Mondays.

Twickenham CC Track Achievements 2008

National Master Track Championships

·    750m TT (40-44) – 1st Rob Drinkwater
·    20km Points Race (40-49) – 2nd David Jack
·    20km Points Race (30-39) – 3rd John Warnock
·    Sprint (40-44) – 3rd David Jack
·    500m TT (30-34) – 3rd Nicki Drinkwater

National Junior Track Championships

·    Junior Women 15 km Points Race – 3rd Corrine Hall

Central Region Championships

·    Women’s Omnium – 3rd Nicki Drinkwater
·    Team Sprint – 3rd  Scherrit Knoesen, David Jack, Rob Drinkwater
·    Team Pursuit – 4th John Warnock, David Jack, Jonathan Andrew, Rob Drinkwater
·    Sprint – 1st Rob Drinkwater
·    Individual Pursuit – 3rd John Warnock

LVRC Championships

·    750m TT – 1st Rob Drinkwater
·    750m TT – 2nd David Jack
·    Sprint – 2nd Rob Drinkwater
·    Sprint – 3rd David Jack


·    WLCA Sprint –      2nd Rob Drinkwater

Reading Track League Points

·    Senior A Riders –  Rob Drinkwater 9
                                David Jack 7
                                John Warnock 3
·    Senior B Riders –  David Peck 2
                                Scherrit Knoesen 1
·    Ladies –               Corrine Hall 9
                                Nicki Drinkwater 6

Welwyn Track League Points

·    Senior B Riders – Gavin Mitchell 18

Total medals = 15

Track Sprint 'B' Squad