Time Trials

Time Trials are a Race against the clock over a specified distance on a set course.

Each rider is set off individually, usually at 1 minute intervals, and the goal is to complete the event in the fastest time possible.

You are not allowed to ride alongside anyone else (unless it is a TEAM event), i.e. if you get caught by the rider behind you, you must let them pass, & not hang on.

The shorter events are usually 10 Miles, then increase to 25, then 50, then 100 Miles, before moving on to 12 Hour or even 24 Hour tests. Some, 'sporting' events (normally hilly courses) may cover distances in between these.

They are truly a hard piece of effort. It's just you against the watch, no team support, no 'time outs', just continuous effort - there is no hiding place. Your heart set to explode (come to think of it almost everything set to explode), yet it can be so satisfying.

But "Hey, that's racing!

The exhilaration of beating your personal best, or even winning an event, is hard to describe.

Many Time Triallists ride on aerodynamic bikes, skin suits, & stream-lined helmets in the pursuit of faster times. This equipment obviously provides a very real benefit for experienced exponents of this art, but it is not necessary to start your Time Trialling career with the latest kit, just a normal Road bike will suffice.

At Twickenham our riders enter many Time Trials during the season. From solo to 2-up & teams, Interclub to Regional and National. We are members of the West London Combine. who promote local events throughout the year. In addition, during the summer months, each Thursday evening we are guests of the Hounslow & District Wheelers at their Chertsey events.

Over the years, the Club has been privileged to have some excellent Time Triallers who have held National Records, and more recently, our pairing of Charlotte Barnes & Liz Norman set a new Record in the National 24 Hour Championships on 2008 for the Ladies 24 Hour Tandem.

John Warnock - a consistently good performer - having finished on 2nd place in 2007 & 2008, persevered. and was crowned National 24h TT Champion in 2009.