Cyclo-Cross is one of the most exciting and most skilled branches of Cycle Sport and is a perfectly normal winter activity for many professional riders on the Continent who use it as a serious way of keeping fit during the 'off-season'. It can be fun at all levels and so there are some sessions planned to get you started.

Darren Paice quotes :-

"I took part in three of the Central Cyclocross League 2009 series, Blenheim and the two held at Hillingdon and must now admit that I'm totally hooked on the sport. Cyclocross is like no other cycle racing that I've tried. What particularly stands out for me is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at these events. Unlike the tactics of drafting, group positioning and reading breaks as in road racing, cyclocross is more about personal effort and achievement, just you and the bike pitting yourself against the terrain of the course,  rather than focusing entirely on the other competitors. I found that there were riders better than me that disappeared into the distance but there were others of similar ability against whom I could compete and engage in personal battles.

The final round of the Central League was held at Hillingdon and promoted by Twickenham Cycling Club. The 3.5km course was arranged in a horse shoe shape with all facilities, (sign on, refreshments and pits), located centrally near the finish line. Every square inch of grass in and around the road racing circuit was utlise There was a good balance of technical twist and turns with longer sections of energy sapping undulating open grounds. There was also a fast 200 metres section along the tarmac that was interrupted by brief skirmishes through the banked verges, which were lots of fun."

Our very own Coach Mac is one of the instigators of the launch of the Central Cyclo-Cross League that was been launched in 2008. A series of races was been created, alongside associated training sessions the day before each race to accustom you with this discipline. With the first 2 rounds attracting over 100 riders each, Cross is obviously a popular off-season activity & a great spectacle to boot, so why not join in!

We participate in local events, & in particular the London Cyclo-Cross League and as previously mentioned (but I'll mention it again) the newly established Central Cyclo-Cross League.

Training Sessions

Central Region run training at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit on Friday Evenings over the winter months. Meet up by the Visitor Centre at 6.00pm or as soon as you can make it after work. Sessions will run till around 8.00pm. The sessions take place on the grass area under the overspill lighting from the Goals pitches. Any riders are welcome, whatever your level of fitness or experience. Bring a mountain bike if you don't have a cross bike.

Off Road

A number of our members take part in "Rough Stuff" activities throughout the year in addition to our road based objectives.

We regularly ride the popular Trailbreak Rides, & over the last few years have had multiple team entries in the Mountain Mayhem 24 Hour Team Race.

There are ample local trails available of varying technical difficulty, the nearest being Richmond Park.

Our Club Mini-Bus is a well utilised resource during the winter months!