New Riders

It can be quite daunting for a rider new to group riding and to Twickenham Cycling Club, to show up at our Saturday morning or Tuesday evening ride. To try to make things a bit less scary, and more friendly, we are going to be running rides where new riders will be welcome to come and try us out. Riders can be experienced club riders who are new to Twickenham CC or those who have not ridden in a group before as we will have ability groups from fast to medium and steady paced at the same session.

The format of these rides will be as a normal club run, just with more emphasis on riding in a group, and its related nuances and etiquette. There will be a designated ride leader for each group to make sure everything runs smoothly and to ensure that no-one gets left behind.

Please feel free to turn up to these rides - there is no need to pre-book. You will need to be fit enough to ride for about 40 miles at an average speed of approximately 15 mph and be riding a normal racing style machine.

These rides will take place on the following dates:

Date Ride leader
Saturday 21st May Jason H/Matt D
Tuesday 7th June Matt D
Saturday 25th June Jason H/David S/Matt D
Saturday 20th August David S
Tuesday 6th September Stephen R
Tuesday 4th October Stephen R
Saturday 22nd October Matt D
Saturday 5th November David S/Matt D
Saturday 19th November
Saturday 10th December Matt D