Inter-Club 25 Mile Time Trial

Could it have been envisaged, that when the annual Interclub 25ml Team Time Trial event between the Kingston Wheelers, Ross Wheelers and Twickenham Cycling Club was introduced in 1925, over 80 years on, this would still be run with just the supporting actors changing through the years – an event run with as much good sportsmanship today as it was then.

This is a popular event in our club's calendar with a large proportion of members taking part due to it being a great introduction to competition, without the full-on pressure of an 'open' event, indeed, many people have progressed from social cyclists to passionate racers, just from 'turning up & having a go' at the Interclub, whilst others treat it like a 'once a year, let's see how fast I really am' exercise. That being said, a competitive edge is always close to the surface, as each club tries to out-do their friendly neighbour!

Interclub member clubs take it in ‘alphabetical’ turn to run the event and in the past it had been up to the organising club to choose the course, but there has always been consistency in the latter, although the event has been ridden on several courses.

In recent years, the event has been ridden on the HCC001 (‘HQ’ - Birds Hill Golf Centre, Windsor), which has given rise for the opportunity of all riders/helpers to enjoy some social time together after the event while having an early lunch in the Golf Centre’s restaurant.

In 2009 it is the Twickenham Cycling Club’s turn to run the Interclub, on Sunday 10th May, and for this, member clubs will be Hounslow, Twickenham, Weybridge and welcoming on board for the first time, the Westerley Cycling Club.

Event History

In 1955 the Twickenham CC took part in two Interclub 25ml Time Trials, but with different clubs participating.

The first event was with the original clubs of the Kingston, Ross and Twickenham, with the addition of the Fulham Wheelers Cycling Club. The second event comprised of the Hounslow and District Wheelers, Harlequins Cycling Club and Twickenham.

The Hounslow, Harlequins and Twickenham combination lasted for several years, with the Feltham Road Club coming on board in the 1970’s, continuing to be a much welcome member for over 3 decades, only resigning in 2007.

Of the member clubs to join the Twickenham in this event, the Hounslow and District Wheelers is the longest standing and is still a stalwart to this day.

When clubs have resigned from the Interclub, so other CTT member clubs have been invited to become members (CTT regulation No 3 states, ‘Interclub event’ entry restricted to members of up to four named affiliated clubs’) and in recent years this has included the Viking Road Club and Weybridge Wheelers.

In the mid 1970’s the rules of the event said that the event was won by the ‘club who returned the Fastest Team of 4 riders, based on the fastest recorded Handicap times (aggregate)’, but in latter years this changed to ‘3’ riders.

It is know that in the 1970’s the event was ridden on the Amersham/Aylesbury course and between 1980 and to perhaps as late as 1999, with the exception of 1984 when the H25/10 (Fifield) course was used, the event was ridden on the H25/6 (Thorpe) course.

Now, as previously mentioned, the Event usually takes place on the 'sporting' HCC001 course.

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