Grass Track Racing - ‘Strictly Cycling’ - More People on Bikes More Often

Anyone can take part in the ‘Strictly Cycling’ Grass Track Training Sessions and Competitions. There are races for everyone, young or not so young, experienced track riders or novice track riders, those who have track bikes and those who have not.

The Community and Club Training Sessions take place every Thursday at Kneller Gardens and you can just turn up and have a go, there is no charge and you do not have to book. You will need to have either a mountain type bike, a racing style bike with knobbly tyres or a track bike with knobbly tyres. If you do not have a bike or are not sure if your bike is suitable then come along anyway as we will have some spare bikes on hand and can advise you about your own bike as well.

The ‘Strictly Cycling’ Track Competitions will have 3 different categories of competition:

  1. Fixed Wheel Omnium – For established track riders. Fixed wheel bicycles are track bicycles with a fixed wheel, no brakes and knobbly tyres suitable for racing on grass.
  2. Go-Ride Racing Omnium – For new U16s (will also include an interschool competition).
  3. Free Wheel Omnium – For novice riders and those with no track bike.

    The Go-Ride Racing and Free Wheel events can be done on any bike with knobbly tyres suitable for riding on grass.

Each Omnium comprises 4 events for each rider per competition in each category and may vary at each competition. The races will be chosen from the following list and will always have at least 1 endurance race and 1 sprint race. Races chosen will be clearly indicated at the beginning of the competition.

Sprint Races Endurance Races
Match Sprint 1km Scratch or Time Trial
1 Lap Dash 2km – 8km Scratch or Time Trial
Kierin Handicap
Team Sprint Team Pursuit
Elimination Race (Devil)


Date Event Venue Time
Thurs 28th April
Thurs 5th May
Thurs 12th May
Thurs 9th June
Thurs 23rd June
Community & Club Training Session Kneller Gardens

Parking is on the road
outside the park.
6.30pm – 8.30pm
Thurs 19th May Grass Track Competition
South League Round 1
Waldegrave School
Fifth Cross Road

Parking available in the
school grounds and on
roads outside school
Thurs 2nd June Grass Track Competition
South League Round 2
Thurs 16th June Grass Track Competition
South League Round 3
Sun 19th June Grass Track Competition
Central Regional Championships
Old Deer Park

Parking in public car
park opposite.


Grass track is similar to the hard track racing in a velodrome that you've seen at the Olympics - but on grass! Events can be organised on any flat or reasonably flat field. The track itself is normally marked out over 400 meters enabling times to be compared over a series of events, or sometimes more simply by laying out a rough oval of markers with a start/finish line.
Races are short enabling riders to experience a number of different races at any single competition. There are a large number of event possibilities in Grass Track racing and typically several will be linked together to form an Omnium. Points are awarded to riders for each individual race and then added up to form the Omnium (overall) score. The races described below are often included in Grass Track Omnium events: