Club Background

The Twickenham Cycling Club is heralded as 'the oldest club in Twickenham' and when formed in 1893 the Club was 'founded with the primary objective of promoting both social and competitive events'.

This objective has been executed always to its best ability according to circumstances throughout the Club's 115 year history, and perhaps this last sentence is the real force behind the Club.

Members' life styles and aspirations have constantly changed from decade to decade and generation to generation and the Club is very sensitive to this. It strives to alter its priorities according to the needs of its Members, although never losing sight of encouraging cycling as a competitive sport.

The Club has several coaches to whom Members can turn to for help, and during the dark winter months, on Club night, additional training is provided via coached turbo sessions held at Clubroom - useful not just for the racing cyclist, but for those who are keen to do challenge events (for example - the London to Brighton bike ride).

We are a vibrant club; recognising that many people today have a very busy existence with time at a premium - Flexibility is a key word of life. And for that reason the Twickenham Cycling Club strives to accommodate the aspirations of its Members at a time that is suitable to them.

The Club arranges Saturday & Sunday morning rides and Tuesday & Thursday evening training rides. Every Tuesday Evening, our Club night is a hive of activity, but for those who cannot make this, there is a constant stream of what's on and who is doing what via the Club's email forum and on the website. Regular social catch-ups are organised too.

But to participate in racing or challenge events, those events need to be organised, and we have a comprehensive programme of promotions, from organising Cyclosportives to National racing events.

The Twickenham Cycling Club is proud of its rich history, the achievements' of its Members over the years, which has included World and National champions and it now looks forward to the future.

Twickenham Cycling Club - a club with a past,
a club with a FUTURE!

Ann Cater