British Cycling National XC MTB series – Rnd 5

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  1. Steve Morgan says:

    Nice one, Oli,

    I noticed Tim Gould, the ex World Champion, was racing in the Grand Vets – and still winning! You’d have had him though looking at the lap times 😉

    • Oliver Richardson says:

      Cheers Steve! Yep Tim and Nick Craig are still going strong! Awesome to see them still tearing it up.

  2. Grant Woodthorpe says:

    Nice one Oli!

  3. Adam Taylor says:

    Great effort!

  4. Daren Austin says:

    Well done Oli. Technical is always what holds me back. Bit of a mincer when it comes to the steep downy stuff!

  5. Liam Maybank says:

    Nice one Oli!

  6. Rufus Greenway says:

    Always good to hear about racing….great effort…keep it up…

  7. Murray Winterfrost says:

    Great job Oli. Had planned to do some rounds of the Southern XC series but just one to go and not sure I can make it 🙁

  8. Stuart Gillies says:

    Great effort Oli.

  9. Chrissie Stephenson says:

    ….did you need to be told that???! 🙂
    very impressive. congratulations

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