Surrey League – Dunsfold 2/3

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12 Responses

  1. Ian Tucker says:

    Great work guys

  2. John Hogan says:

    Well done to all

  3. Stuart Gillies says:

    Fab results all. Great racing

  4. Leszek Wuziak says:

    nice one i will join you in april 🙂

  5. Steve Morgan says:

    Solid start to the league, guys. Great work.

  6. Solveig Findley says:

    Well done, boys! Great to be able to root for you for a few laps at the end of our route marking mission

  7. Daren Austin says:

    Thank you Sol. Really helped. I was just happy to finish in one piece to be honest. Cut ill next week…

  8. Neil Kerr says:

    Great result guys!

  9. Mark Oakley says:

    Well done guys, great start to the season

  10. Rufus Greenway says:

    Sounded like a good result,great work. Q: What was the running time for 105km?

  11. Grant Woodthorpe says:

    2:43 – wasn’t a particularly fast race, the bunch wasn’t up for it at all. Weather was poor and it was early season – did a 3rd Cat race there last summer and it was 2km/h quicker.

    Thanks for the support Sol – I wondered who shouted my name, I thought I was hearing things!

  12. Rufus Greenway says:

    Hi Grant, thanks for that, gives me a target to work towards..have a great week

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