Imperial Winter Series Race 5 4th Category Race Report

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7 Responses

  1. Grant Woodthorpe says:

    Well in Stuart!

  2. James Bradley says:

    Nice one Stuart. Sounds like all three of you have made huge progress since last week and the week before – keep it up!

  3. Daren Austin says:

    Well done Stuart, but Daniel is being modest. This was a fantastic ride for him after some earlier setbacks, and I hope it does your confidence no end of good. Well done. Onto points contention!

  4. Stuart Gillies says:

    Thanks for the write up. Yes I agree with Darren, a big step forward from Daniel this week. We were all rather high on each other’s relative success after the race which is great for the camaraderie. Good to see Rufus fully recovered from the crash two weeks ago. Can’t wait for next week.

  5. Adam Taylor says:

    Well done all – great job!

  6. Sean O'Brien says:

    About time Stuart, try and time your break better next time you old fart!!!! Well done mate

  7. Rufus Greenway says:

    looking forward to next race….especially after the Sunday training session at the track..lots of usefull info from the coaches..

    lets see if lessons can be turned into points…

    A great effort by Daniel, he was looking really good and I think Stuart surprised himself with his sprint finish…

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