National Masters Road Race Championships 2016

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5 Responses

  1. Tim says:

    Absolutely agree with Grant – great event…Neil and I raced in the 35-40 category…a sneaky younger bracket full of hard charging young guns…it was brutal but hugely fun

  2. Daren Austin says:

    Entered (45-50). Don’t forget that this event takes a LOT of organisation and helpers. Wayne Thomas would like volunteers to do everything from marshaling corners to driving the lead car. Please volunteer for the races you are not entering.

    There is also an E234 race the following day as part of the Central League Road Race calendar. We have preferential entry for this race as a Central League club.

  3. Neil Kerr says:

    I’d definitely encourage you all to sign up to this as it was one of the most demanding and enjoyable races of the season for me and also one of my best finishes. For those thinking, “I’ve never done a race that length before” or “I’ve only done a few crits at Hillingdon” – I was probably in the same boat last year but I signed up and never looked back. I definitely found it easier to score points in harder races.

  4. Ian Tucker says:

    I’ve entered, (35-40) race.

  5. James McCarthy says:

    Same here….

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