Win for TCC today in Imperial Winter Series Cat4!

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  1. Will says:

    Interesting write up – but looking at the photo of Chris, isn’t that a Dynamo on the front?

  2. Daren Austin says:

    Err yes. To my obvious embarrassment, I missed the Dynamo in the breakaway and my haste to leave for a Ball in Cambridge meant I failed to confirm the finish. So my apologies to Dynamos, who were clearly working harder than I implied, the above report is an addendum to reflect this.

    …. Dynamos managed one man into a break of three. Chris bridged to this group and recovered enough to sprint for the win. Dynamos, Wheelers and TCC blocked to good effect as we all raced for fifth place. Someone did ask why we weren’t chasing, but with four teams in the break and 20+ riders in the peloton supporting them, there was never going to be a chase. Tactical racing.

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